Gallery Artists

Gallery 10 is proud to exhibit an every growing and diverse collection of regional art. Artists exhibiting at Gallery 10 represent a broad spectrum of professional skills and artistic achievement. We are continually exhibiting new works from this highly talented group of artists and invite you to make return visits to our gallery and enjoy the ever growing creativity.

Meg Black-Smith

Marilyn Eger

Eileen Hendren

Margaret Kunzler

Pacific Blue Tile

Patricia Prendergast

Lynn Slade

Sabina Turner

Christine Cox

Dayna Galletti

Anne Marie Fielding

Molly Kohlschreiber

Linda Miller

John Osterhaug

John C. Reiger

Stella Stevens

Glass Forge

Lee Wassink

Jewelry Design

Meg has been designing and making beautiful, limited edition, and wearable jewelry for over 30 years. Gemstones and pearls that Meg uses in her designs are thoughtfully varied and come from all over the world.

Oil, Acrylic & Pastel Painting

Marilyn is exhibiting representational images created in oil, acrylic and pastel. She is known primarily for painting the landscape and farming environment of Amador county. Marilyn holds an MFA from the Academy of Art, in San Francisco.

Whimsical Clay Collectibles

Eileen is a very popular artist in our gallery creating colorful and whimsical characters that grace collectibles such as bowls, clocks, cups and pins.All the work is individually hand built, decorated and glazed.

Decorative Ceramic Tiles
The unique and beautiful ceramic tiles may be used individually as a single statement or as multiple accents in a larger installation. Each tile is individually hand painted then "fired" at 1800 degrees until the vivid, jewel-like colors emerge. 

Soft Pastel

Patricia brings her wonderful abilities to create soft pastel paintings of landscapes and subjects in nature. Although representational in style, her paintings are an emotional response to her experience of the environment and not of a specific location. 

Watercolor Collage

Lynn employs "Washi,"textured rice paper combined with the color application of watercolor to capture her unique images. She enjoys the beautiful intensity that the layering of textured papers and paint provides.

Watercolor & Oil 

Sabina is an award winning artist on a national scale. Exhibiting her paintings in many prestigious shows throughout the country. We are proud to have Sabina's skillfully produced paintings in our gallery.


Christine Cox executes hand made jewelry and other utilitarian objects of art. Each made from her skills in the application of the metal arts.  

Clay Sculpture

Dayna Galletti's quirky clay sculptures convey a sense of humor and naivety. Her sculptures have a human quality about the form and surface treatment. There is a fun and playful quality in these special collectables.

Oil, Watercolor Painting & Bronze Sculpture

Anne-Marie Fielding was born in Switzerland and now resides in Amador County. She is an accomplished artist in a variety of media and explores both landscape and still life compositions. Anne-Marie has received awards for her work both in Australia and the U.S. 

Oil Painting / Photography

Molly Kohlschreiber has lived and worked in the Southwest and responds to the beautiful landscape in that area. She is interested in combining photography and painting. She uses watercolors to expand the photographic composition.

Jewelry Design

John Osterhaug is a dichroic glass maker living in San Francisco. His unusual and beautiful glass creations present themselves in the form of contemporary jewelry designs. He uses surgical steel for his earring posts.


John Reiger creates functional stoneware pottery. It is decorated in the Majolica style, with imagers of flowers, trees, and sunshine. He has always preferred to make useful items but drives to imbue them with grace and beauty.

Watercolor Painting & Prints

Stella's beautiful paintings and prints reflect her love for nature and animals. This self-taught artist has developed a style uniquely her own. She has a rare sense of color, high degree of detail and an over quiet peacefulness in her paintings

Art Glass

Quality material, craftsmanship and complete in-house execution of these original designs is the result of two decades of experience. The Glass Forge endeavors to produce high quality art glass that is both beautiful and functional.